We are a Brighton-based social enterprise, set up as a Community Interest Company. Werkshop supports creative business in the UK by providing interesting social spaces where people can work, play, learn and create together.  We’re an ever-expanding community of all sorts of people, from all sorts of places, doing amazing things, together.

What is coworking and Werkshop about? – Listen to co-founder James McCarthy explain all.

Supporting local creative enterprise

In 2007, Werkshop pioneered  flexible coworking and work space for  the city’s creative businesses. Our first space,  The Werks is now home to more than 50 businesses.

More than 400 individuals have  joined our growing community of Werkers.  We have hosted and sponsored  international conferences, job fairs, educational and training sessions, community group meetings and skillswaps.

We support…

  • freelancers
  • small businesses
  • work at home mums and dads
  • social enterprises, third sector and non-profits.

Our spaces

We now have 4 spaces in Brighton, Hove and Lewes.

  • The Werks – digital industry focussed co-working, deskspace, offices and events
  • Coachwerks – artspace and Fringe Festival venue in Five Ways, Brighton
  • Lewes Werks -  collaborative coworking, desk, office and meeting space
  • Westwerks -  a collaborative space for social entrepreneurs

Join us

You’re welcome to turn up at any of our spaces and introduce yourself.   Or you can also find us on the internet, if that’s more your style.